DHX Single-Use Heat Exchanger

June 23, 2014
Full Name: DHX Single-Use Heat Exchanger

Team: ASI Life Sciences

Status: Active

Debut: October 2013

Field Position: Biopharmaceutical process environments

Skill Set: Only high-capacity, single-use heat exchanger solution ready for commercial bioprocessing applications The DHX Single-Use Heat Exchanger brings together the class-leading heat transfer properties of a high-capacity plate and frame heat exchanger concept, with all of the advantages of single-use into one unit.

Performance Stats:
• Reduced infrastructure requirements; its high capacity eliminates the need for a cold room / warm room and enables full-scale manufacturing to be performed in one-room, at ambient temperature simplifying the setup and reducing overall cost.
• Reduced processing time; The turnaround time for a stainless steel production line is measured in days, the turnaround time for a single-use production line in hours. By replacing stainless steel heat exchangers with the DHX, the production line can be rapidly turned around and put back in action.
• Improved product consistency; The DHX Heat Exchanger gives engineers the ability to incorporate temperature control at multiple points in their manufacturing process. Enabling greater control and optimal temperature at every stage, resulting in greater consistency from start to finish.

Regulatory Profile: Ready for cGMP and QbD compliant process environments

Coach’s Notes: The DHX Single-Use Heat Exchanger offers significant advantages for cell culture at the manufacturing scale, allowing manufacturing engineers to build temperature control into their process without having to sacrifice the benefits of single-use. For the first time it is possible to add temperature control into the cell culture process flow while retaining a complete single-use set up; enabling 100 percent confidence in sterility without the requirement for CIP/SIP, and increasing the quality of finished product through uniform temperature control.

Scout’s Notes: Without an available high capacity single-use heat exchanger, manufacturing engineers have been forced to choose one of two sub-optimal options: Insert a stainless steel heat exchanger along with its incumbent CIP/SIP infrastructure or use a jacketed mixing tote or similar technology as a stop-gap solution. These solutions are not ideal, each bringing a series of problems that manufacturing engineers have had to contend with. With the advent of the DHX Single-Use Heat Exchanger, there is now a solution.

Team Resources: ASI’s fully custom-configured systems give biotherapeutic manufacturers the flexibility to maximize efficiencies, minimize costs and alleviate risks in the production of biopharmaceutical applications. Closely allied with industry suppliers, the company is dedicated to providing the flexibility to integrate Single-Use Systems for the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers’ unique processes.