SmartDose Electronic Patch Injector System

Aug. 29, 2014

Full Name: SmartDose Electronic Patch Injector System


Status: Game ready

Debut: March, 2014

Field Position: Patch drug delivery for consumers

Skill Set: The SmartDose patch injector system technology is a single-use system designed to deliver higher dose volumes by injecting the drug slowly over a period of time. The system can be pre-programmed and controlled to provide the optimal dosing rate.

Performance Stats:
• Includes a Daikyo Crystal Zenith polymer cartridge
• SmartDose system technology designed to help reduce dosing frequency, enhance patient comfort and adherence to treatment regimens
• Patient-led design is lightweight and easy to use

Regulatory Profile: Ready for investigational studies supporting regulatory-approved therapy applications

Coach’s Notes: “The SmartDose system is delivered to the patient in a single package. The patient inserts the cartridge into the SmartDose injector and adheres the system to the body, usually on the abdomen. A push of a button inserts the needle and starts the injection, which is delivered over time based on programming instructions entered by the drug company. Visible and audible indicators confirm the operation of the system."

Scout’s Notes: “Many injectable drugs currently on the market, and many in development, require repeated dosing and are intended for self-administration. To help patients who must self-dose, medical device developers are designing systems that are easy to use and that encourage patients to comply with a dosing regimen. Auto-injector systems are a proven solution for many of these products. The system has been tested with patients; the results of their experiences have been incorporated into the design."

Team Resources: West works side-by-side with its healthcare partners from concept to the patient, designing and manufacturing packaging, diagnostic and delivery systems that promote the efficiency, reliability and safety of their products. Based in Exton, Pennsylvania, West supports its customers from sales, manufacturing, customer support and research and development locations in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Established in 1923, West's 2013 sales were $1.4 billion.