Secotec TF Refrigerated Dryers

May 29, 2015

Full Name: Secotec TF Refrigerated Dryers

 Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

Status: Ready to take the field

Debut: September, 2014

Field Position: Process floor, utility operations

Skill Set: Efficiency, lower pressure drop and reduced footprint; air-cooled and water-cooled versions available.

Performance Stats:
• Dryers handle flows from 520 to 1060 cfm
• Contains a phase-changing material (PCM) 98 percent denser than conventional storage media
• Units up to 60 percent lighter than other thermal storage dryers

Regulatory Profile: Ready to support compressed air Pharma operations in cGMP production environments.

Coach’s Notes: “The Secotec TF models push the boundaries of compressed air refrigerated dryer performance further than ever before thanks to a game-changing thermal storage system. The dryers' internal design also makes it possible to reduce pressure loss across the dryer to 2.2 psi (compared to 2.9 and higher for conventional models).” 

Scout’s Notes: “These dryers include Sigma Control Smart, a micro-processor based controller which controls the thermal storage process. It has an alarm and service message memory, as well as remote on/off control capability. An optional Ethernet interface for connecting to a master control system is also available."

Team Resources: Kaeser Compressors, Inc. offers reliable, energy efficient compressed air equipment and system design, Including high-quality industrial air compressors and dryers, filters, SmartPipe, master controls, and other system accessories. Kaeser also offers blowers, vacuum pumps, and portable diesel screw compressors and services everything it sells through its national service network which provides installation, rentals, maintenance, repair, and system audits.