Google Ventures Founder Cancels Health Care Fund Plans

Dec 13, 2016

Bill Maris, founder and former CEO of Google Ventures, will not be launching a $230 million health-oriented venture fund as previously planned.

Just a few weeks ago, media sources reported that Maris was busy raising cash for a new health care venture fund. Maris had reportedly already tapped an initial group of partners for the venture fund, which was called Section 32.

"Life is too short to not be true to yourself," Maris told news source, Recode. "I'm still taking time off and exploring some other ideas that may be more fun and impactful."

Maris, who is trained as a neuroscientist and led GV to partner with a number of innovative health and tech firms, founded Google Ventures in 2009 and grew its portfolio of investments to about $2.4 billion last year.