Gilead's Hep C Drug: $84,000 in U.S.; $900 in India

Aug 07, 2014

As reported by the Times of India, U.S.-based Gilead Sciences will introduce Sovaldi, its breakthrough hep C treatment, in India at close to a 99% discount of the U.S. price.

According to Gilead, the India pricing -- $900 per patient -- reflects the drugmaker's three basic pricing tiers, based on a country’s per capita income and hepatitis C prevalence.

The the U.S. FDA approved Gilead's Sovaldi to treat chronic hepatitis C virus infection in early December 2013. Gilead's plan to bring lower-cost Sovaldi to other countries has further fueled U.S. controversy, where Sovaldi costs $84,000 for the 12-week regimen, and become a prime example for the growing national debate over the rising cost of prescription drugs.

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