Roche to acquire Good Therapeutics

Sept. 8, 2022

Good Therapeutics announced this week that it would be acquired by Roche, in a definitive merger agreement valued at more than $250 million. 

The acquisition will give Roche access to Good Therapeutics PD-1 regulated IL-1 programs and its platform technology for the development of PD-1-regulated IL-2 receptor agonist therapeutics.

Good Therapeutics was founded in 2016 in Seattle Washington and has specialized in the generation of drugs that offer high specificity potent activity. The company’s proprietary context-dependent molecules help target therapeutic components only when the sensor has bound its target. 

The merger is set to close later this year, and in the recent announcement, Good Therapeutics also shared its plans to develop other targets in immuno-oncology and beyond with a new company, called Bonum Therapeutics.