Vetter's development service doubles revenues, grows capabilities

Sept. 27, 2012

Vetter, a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), reports that its Development Service doubled its revenues over the last five years, due to increased customer demand for support on complex biologics. Vetter Development Service (VDS) supports products from preclinical development through phase 3 and develops robust processes that enable a seamless transfer to Vetter Commercial Manufacturing. Offering a continuum of service, the global VDS organization comprises more than 150 scientists, engineers and other personnel. Vetter’s Chicago facility provides early-stage clinical production, featuring equipment optimized for small-batch manufacturing. Ravensburg facilities support a range of development products through Phase III and feature sophisticated new technologies with enhanced analytical capabilities.

Since the full operational launch of VDS Chicago, Vetter´s first U.S. facility, in October 2011, the site has contracted with a number of companies from around the globe, including Belgium, Israel and Korea, in addition to the United States. Supporting preclinical through Phase II products, the site has already released customer batches for clinical trials. Over the past few months, the Chicago site has expanded analytical and microbial testing; added 2,000 square feet of GMP storage; and built out its business office to accommodate more than 20 additional work spaces. Future plans include adding a third cleanroom to the two existing ones, which will expand current operations and provide filling of pre-sterilized syringes.

As part of its continuous investment in its state-of-the-art facilities, over the last year Vetter acquired sophisticated new technologies at its Ravensburg development labs that enable better control of syringe and cartridge siliconization; more-accurate detection of sub-visible particles in drug products; and a greater ability to simulate commercial-level processes in the VDS setting, for even smoother product transfer to commercial production.

"The growth of VDS demonstrates the increasing need for expert support in the development of complex compounds, to address a growing market, said Paul Nelles, Ph.D., vice president of Vetter Development Service. "This rise in demand confirms our decision to expand Vetter Development Service to North America, as was urged by our U.S.-based customers."