Wu-Tang Clan Rapper Denounces Former Pharma Exec Martin Shkreli Via YouTube Video

Feb. 11, 2016

The Wu-Tang Clan rapper calls out Shkreli with help from his mother and sister. 

Wu-Tang Clan rapper Dennis "Ghostface Killah" Coles has called out former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli. But, it's not about the Wu-Tang Clan album Shkreli reportedly bought for $2 million. Instead, Coles has taken issue with the event that made Shkreli a now-recognized name: Turing Pharmaceuticals raising the cost of an anti-parasitic drug used to treat infections in HIV patients.

This week, Coles released a 12-minute video criticizing the hiking of the price of a drug from $13 a pill to more than $700, and calling out Shkreli by name. His mother and sister join in.

You can watch the video here. As a warning, the video contains profanity.

"$750 for a pill, Martin? That's not right, Martin," says Coles. The video appears to be a response to one Shkreli released two weeks ago "dissing" Coles and threatening to delete the only copy of "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin," the Wu-Tang Clan album Shkreli reportedly purchased.

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