AstraZeneca Nabs Key Lung Cancer Drug Approval

Feb. 19, 2018

The U.S. FDA has approved Imfinzi for treating stage three lung cancer patients who have already received chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatment, and whose disease has not spread.

The approval was based on positive results from AstraZenaca’s Phase III PACIFIC trial, during which the drug showed an 11.2 month improvement in median progression-free survival — representing a 48% reduction in relative risk of progression or death (vs. placebo).

The approval of Imfinzi in this earlier stage of non-small cell lung cancer makes it the first FDA-approved treatment option for patients who have already undergone chemoradiation therapy. The new option hopes to give patients more time without disease progression.

In May 2017, Imfinzi was approved to treat advanced bladder cancer in patients whose disease had progressed despite chemotherapy.

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