Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Announces Updated Editorial Advisory Board

Sept. 6, 2018

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is honored to welcome three new editorial advisory board members, as we continue our ongoing quest to keep our brand fresh.

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Editorial Advisory Board is a group of distinguished individuals assembled to assist our publication in fulfilling its editorial mission to provide professionals the tools they need to deliver authentic innovation in today's pharma environment, presented in a way that is straightforward and unpretentious, in a style that is refreshing and unique.

Change is a welcomed part of life and publishing. It is our hope that this board does not stay stagnant, but rather evolves with the needs of the publication and according to the circumstances of the board members. As such, we are honored to welcome three new members to our board:

• Barry Holtz, President, iBio CMO
• Rich Myer, Director of Business Development, Avara Pharmaceutical Services 
• Mike Tousey, CEO, Techceuticals 

The following professionals have reconfirmed their commitments and will remain an important part of our board:

• Jim Agalloco, President, Agalloco & Associates
• Bikash Chatterjee, President and CSO, Pharmatech Associates
• Emil Ciurczak, President, Doramaxx Consulting
• Robert Dream, Managing Director, HDR Company
• Eric Langer, President & Managing Partner, BioPlan Associates
• Ivan Lugo, Executive Director, INDUNIV, Puerto Rico
• Girish Malhotra, President, EPCOT International
• Gary Ritchie, President, GER COMPLIANCE

With established expertise in a wide range of application areas, board members perform a range of functions, such as reviewing editorial content, suggesting authors and topics for coverage, and providing the editors with ongoing insight and feedback.

We thank our board members new and old for their continuous efforts and invaluable insight.