New biotech launches with an eye on STAT inhibitor drugs

Nov. 15, 2021

Recludix Pharma, a San Diego-based biotech founded by a team of Blueprint Medicines vets, has launched with a $60M Series A to support an innovative platform to discover and develop Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription (STAT) protein inhibitor drugs for cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Recludix has built a proprietary platform to discover potent and selective inhibitors of challenging protein targets. The platform comprises custom generated DNA-encoded libraries, massively parallel determination of structure activity relationships, and a proprietary screening tool to ensure compound selectivity.

The important role of the STAT family in disease signaling is well-characterized, but these proteins have remained elusive as drug discovery targets — but Recludix claims to have cracked the code with its highly differentiated technology and capabilities to harness the potential. The company's lead programs are targeting STAT3 and STAT6 through the novel mechanism of inhibition of their SH2 domains.

The Recludix has tapped industry vet Nancy Whiting to lead the charge. The newly appointed chief executive officer is a 15-year veteran of Seagen and has an established track record in all phases of drug development.