Pfizer launches health equity initiative

May 25, 2022

Pfizer has launched a new initiative that aims to provide all of the drugmaker's patented medicines and vaccines available in the U.S. and the EU on a not-for-profit basis to 1.2 billion people in 45 lower-income countries — with the goal of reducing the health inequities.

The “Accord for a Healthier World” was announced at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos. The Accord countries include all 27 low-income countries as well as 18 lower-middle-income countries that have transitioned from low to lower-middle-income classification in the last ten years. Rwanda, Ghana, Malawi, Senegal and Uganda are the first five countries to commit to join the Accord. Health officials in these countries will help identify and resolve hurdles beyond supply to inform the rollout in all 45 lower-income countries.

Under the Accord, Pfizer has committed to providing 23 medicines and vaccines that treat infectious diseases, certain cancers, and rare and inflammatory diseases. This list includes Pfizer's COVID antiviral, Paxlovid and blockbuster breast cancer med Ibrance, as well as pneumonia vaccine Prevnar 13, rheumatoid arthritis drug Xeljanz and cancer treatments Xalkori and Inlyta.

Pfizer is calling upon global health leaders and organizations to join the initiative, bringing their expertise and resources to close the health equity gap.