eBook: Ensuring container closure integrity during deep cold storage and transport

Oct. 12, 2022

Are you working with a pharmaceutical product that requires deep cold storage? Studies have shown that deep cold storage temperatures can introduce risk to the container closure integrity (CCI) of vial-rubber stopper combinations traditionally used to fill sterile products.

This eBook describes the risk of CCI issues during deep cold storage and transport, and a framework to minimize this risk using case study examples. The eBook will offer:

  • A discussion of the effects of deep cold storage on the CCI of sterile product vials
  • A holistic approach to ensure CCI of products requiring deep cold storage
  • CCI test method development for vials stored at -80°C
  • A case study on ensuring CCI of a gene therapy cancer vaccine needing deep cold storage
  • A webinar on CCI and deep cold storage

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