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Sept. 18, 2014
Whether it’s water, chemical, gas or cooling, here are a handful of products that move fluids and keep processes flowing smoothly
Repeatability of Fluid Dosing

The Pneumatic Dosing unit from Burkert offers precision and repeatability of fluid dosing with a flexible, customizable design. Features include: defined volumes with high precision and repeatability up to +/- 2%; dosing accuracy independent of temperature; media separation with high quality materials; single-use wetted parts; robust, user-friendly system; and less maintenance. The system can be customized with variable dosing volume to fit various applications, different materials, with or without internal pressure supply to fit the device and flexible design to fit different packages.

Precise Digital Control

Masterflex I/P Digital Process peristaltic pump drives from Cole-Parmer provide rugged performance and precise digital control — ideal for fluid transfer, dispensing and metering. They can be used in laboratory, process and industrial environments including pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing and water treatment. The drives feature a programmable dispense interval that sets the delay between cycles for automated dispensing by time or volume. To increase accuracy, the programmable anti-drip function reverses motor at the end of the dispense cycle. Brushless motor provides maintenance-free reliability.

Cooler Configured to Manufacturer Specs

Frigel’s Ecodry 3DK closed loop adiabatic liquid cooler can be configured to match manufacturer requirements, delivering higher energy/water savings as well as environmental benefits, the company says. It can also be configured to occupy a 30 percent smaller footprint than its predecessor model. Ecodry 3DK is the primary component of an integrated, closed-loop intelligent cooling system that provides clean water at the right temperature to industrial processes. The closed-loop approach can reduce water consumption by as much as 95 percent when used instead of a cooling tower. Improvements include: A new acrylic coating on the heat exchangers for added protection against harsh environments; fan exhaust diffusers; and new options to maintain precise cooling temperatures, regardless of local climate. Ecodry also eliminates chemical discharges and dangerous water borne diseases, such as Legionella.

Stronger Valve Body, Double Stem Seals

ProPress Zero Lead ball valves for Viega ProPress systems are manufactured from material specifically designed for lead-free press systems. Made from Viega’s silicon-bronze alloy and engineered for press technology, these ball valves provide quality, reliability and performance. The company has expanded its Zero Lead valve offering to include press by female, press by hose and two additional lines of press by press end configurations. The Smart Connect feature helps installers easily identify unpressed fittings during pressure testing. The ball valves are certified to ASME A112.4-2004 and NSF-61G in sizes from ½ to 2 inches and are suitable for use with ProPress fittings in copper for potable water applications.