Nominate a Contender for Our 2007 Team of the Year Award

Oct. 9, 2006
We spotlight the winners of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing's 2006 Team of the Year Award and encourage drugmaking professionals to nominate equally excellent teams for the 2007 Award.

By Agnes Shanley, Editor in Chief

Operational excellence was very much in evidence at Wyeth Consumer Healthcare’s facility in Pearl River, N.Y. and Merck’s facility in Arecibo, Puerto Rico this summer, when their teams accepted Pharmaceutical Manufacturing’s 2006 TOTY award.

Wyeth (Photo, right) and Merck (Photo, center) opened their doors for a plant tour, during which key members of their operations teams demonstrated the work they’re doing in applying 5S and Lean principles and transfering knowledge. Both are unusually "visual" work environments; operators were enthusiastic about the work they’re doing, and extremely articulate about the impact that it is having. Both companies also celebrated, inviting many of their technical operations staff to take part.

Left (right, center, and far right): Pfizer’s Lou Pillai and Martin Warman; Center (left to right): Merck’s Arecibo Plant Manager, Jesus Ortiz, and Team Leader Herminio Bosques; Right (left to right), Wyeth’s SVP of Tech Ops Peter Bigelow, Senior Director Elizabeth Twomey-Galvin, and Pearl River Managing Director Joe Vitanza.

Pfizer’s TOTY team (Photo, left) accepted its Catalyst award at the Automation Xchange, sponsored by Control magazine, where team members shared their views on process analytical technologies (PAT) in a panel discussion.

Nominate your teams for 2007; to allow more time for teams to secure corporate approvals, we’ve moved the deadline from January to June 30. Click the Download Now button below to download the Nomination Form (a MS Word document). Once you have completed the form, you can either e-mail it to Agnes Shanley ([email protected]) or fax it to us at (630) 467-1179. Thanks!