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eBook: Solid dose trends 2023

The industry’s most established dosage forms, solid dose drugs are shelf stable and easy to administer. But today's drug formulations are complex and high potency, and OSD drugmakers...

eBook: Generic Drugs 2019

The generic and biosimilars industry has positioned itself as the solution to the challenge of skyrocketing health care costs.

eBook: Generic Pharma 2018

Generics step up to the plate, challenges and best practicies for manufacturing biosimilars and excipient trends

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White paper: The chilled future of RNA therapeutics — Filling & freezing applications

Aseptic filling & freezing of single-use bags are often performed manually and uncontrolled, leading to inefficiencies and increased product loss. Only modular technologies facilitate...
Single Use

eBook: Aseptic processing trends 2018

With the rising demand of gene therapies, aseptic processing practices are changing rapidly
Aseptic Processing

eBook: Aseptic processing trends 2017

Modern therapies add emphasis to the industry-wide need to take advantage of new technologies and explore new ways of addressing process control.
Aseptic Processing

Special report: Addressing process contamination risks

The high risk involved with biopharmaceuticals means there are high demands placed on the hygienic design of bioprocessing equipment.
QRM Process

eBook: Advances in aseptic processing — Keeping risk and contamination at bay

It would be foolish to underestimate the risk associated with aseptic drug processing
Containment & Cleanrooms

White paper: Applying single-use efficiencies to room-to-room fluid transfer

Pharmaceutical and biopharma manufacturers need to move fluids from one cleanroom to another quickly, with maximum productivity and minimal effort and expense.

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Automation & Control

eBook: Weighing Automation in Production

This eBook provides guidance for automating weighing processes by highlighting tips and solutions that deliver value for all roles in manufacturing. This includes engineering,...
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Automation & Control

eBook: Automation & smart pharma 2022

Learn more about the latest smart pharma topics in this eBook.

Special Report: Pharma automation and control

This new automation and control resource guide covers these topics, and more, in depth

eBook: Smart pharma 2021

ISPE believes moving to Pharma 4.0 represents a competitive advantage to the extent that not embracing its potential might be a business risk for pharma companies.

eBook: Smart Pharma 2018

Today’s developing environment — coined the Fourth Industrial Revolution and characterized by rapidly evolving and disruptive advances in technology — has created a new and intimidating...

eBook: Smart Pharma

It’s not too late for the pharmaceutical industry to dodge its reputation for being behind other industries in terms of adopting technology.
Automation & Control

Special Report: The Time is Right for Virtualization

In this special report, we explore how virtualization can provide significant advantages for deploying process control systems at pharmaceutical plants.
Automation & Control

White paper: Small assembly robots — Comparing the cost of ownership between brands

This white paper explains the many different factors — some obvious and some not so obvious — that determine the cost of robot ownership.

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eBook: Compliance & regulatory trends 2023

The pharma industry is often recognized as one of the most regulated industries in the world — and for good reason.
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White paper: Aggregation solutions for product traceability

Aggregation makes tracing products through each step of the supply chain much simpler. This in turn means that should one of those individual products show up elsewhere, it has...
25 Rcra Content Syndication 01

White paper: The 25 most common RCRA compliance errors

This report lists 25 of the most common regulatory violations in the areas of personnel training, recordkeeping, waste ID, universal waste, and laboratories found at facilities...

White paper: Tips for tailoring eConsent for optimal patient centricity

Over 70% of potential research participants live >2 hours away from sites, & patient drop-out rates can reach 30% depending on the therapeutic area. The Solution: eConsent Why...

eBook: Compliance & regulatory trends

While regulatory compliance is a complex and cumbersome requirement for pharma manufacturers, it is key to ensuring patients receive quality products. Today's ever-increasing ...

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Containment & Cleanrooms

White paper: Mitigate sanitation risks and improve operational efficiency

One of the challenges that cleaning professionals encounter is contamination from personnel, not only during production but also while cleaning, it’s important that cleanroom ...
Containment & Cleanrooms

White paper: Cleanroom solutions for the pharma industry

At Rite-Hite, we have many solutions for the pharmaceutical industry along with the knowledge and experience to help you address the issues you face with your clean areas. We ...

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Contract Manufacturing

eBook: Contract manufacturing trends (Fall 2023)

The pharma industry is under pressure to speed new drugs to market, lower manufacturing costs and expand into new markets — and they are looking for partners who can help. CDMOs...
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Contract Manufacturing

eBook: Tapping into Japan's opportunity in regenerative medicine and CGT

The benefits of developing, manufacturing, and commercializing your regenerative medicine product in Japan.
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Contract Manufacturing

eBook: Contract manufacturing trends (Spring 2023)

CDMOs continue to play a vital role in the complex, yet delicate pharma ecosystem
Pm22 Hero 854x480 Contract
Contract Manufacturing

eBook: Contract manufacturing trends (Fall 2022)

The relationship between drug sponsors and CDMOs is key to the success of much needed pharma products.

eBook: Contract manufacturing trends (Spring 2022)

New, complex therapies coming through the pharma pipelines are putting immense pressure on supply chains and manufacturing capacity, challenging traditional scale-up and manufacturing...
Contract Manufacturing

eBook: Contract manufacturing trends (Spring 2021)

For the past year, the pharma industry has been in the spotlight, as drugmakers unite to tackle COVID-19.

eBook: Contract manufacturing trends (2020)

As more pharma companies look to lower costs, streamline operations, and expand geographical presence, contract manufacturers are increasingly becoming the unsung heroes of pharma...
Contract Manufacturing

eBook: Contract manufacturing trends 2018

Outsourcing to contract manufacturers can be a valuable, even critical, option allowing companies to focus their resources and talents on their primary objectives

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Data Management/Analytics

White paper: DataOps — The missing link in your industrial data architecture

An abstraction layer that provides data modeling, contextualization, and conditioning is required to efficiently leverage industrial data at scale.

Special report: Advancing pharma 4.0 with data fabric

Whether you face challenges like siloed data across multiple departments or addressing specific data security issues or simply feel restricted by the business applications you...
Data Management/Analytics

Research report: Data — the land of lost opportunity

Without the right data management systems in place, data is nothing more than spreadsheets of wasted opportunity for improvement.

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White paper: Revolutionizing microbial bioproduction with chemically defined fermentation media

Learn more about how the innovation of chemically defined microbial media has created a new paradigm of microbial bioprocessing, one which has the potential to enhance the performance...

White paper: In-line real-time monitoring of CHO cell culture process parameters using Raman Spectroscopy

Cell culture processes are complex and highly variable, and yet only a handful of key parameters are typically controlled in real time. Critical process parameters and key performance...
Unit Operations

White paper: Using CFD to improve crystallization

Drug manufacturers charged with developing, scaling up or scaling down any process involving crystallization face major challenges, given the industry's current understanding ...


Compressed air engineering handbook

Get in-depth yet highly accessible technical expertise of compressed air technology necessary for pharmaceutical manufacturing.
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eBook: Facility trends 2023

The pharma industry is feeling pressure to deliver products at warp speed, leaving companies scrambling to increase productivity without sacrificing quality or breaking the budget...
Pharma Image 1540x800
Process Development

White paper: Improve performance & efficiency with compressed air system controls

The extensive automation of modern pharmaceutical production makes compressed air a vitally important energy carrier. As multiple compressors supply air flow, lower efficiencies...
Quality & Risk

White Paper: Rooftop Safety Audit Guide for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

Now more than ever, it is important to protect employees, contractors, and anyone else who accesses your facility's roof. Making rooftop safety a priority at your location can...

eBook: Facility trends 2022

With utility costs on the rise, many pharma manufacturers are taking a closer look at their facilities and finding that better facility design, resource management and maintenance...

Research report: The true value of real-time microbial monitoring

With many pharma manufacturers operating sophisticated (and costly) continuous water purification systems, results that come days after a sample has been taken do little to ensue...

Research report: The true impact of machine failure in pharma

Today’s pharmaceutical industry is facing big expectations and opportunities.
Facility Design & Management

eBook: Pharma preparedness

For the past year, the pharma industry has been in the spotlight, as drugmakers unite to tackle COVID-19.

Photo 154742479 © Pop Nukoonrat | Dreamstime.com

Research report: OT cybersecurity concerns in pharma

How is the pharma industry progressing on this vital journey?
Information Technology

White paper: Accelerate digitization in pharma manufacturing with IIoT and MQTT Sparkplug specification

Are you looking to overcome data connectivity challenges, optimize supply chain, & ensure regulatory compliance? Read this whitepaper showcasing a novel solution based on MQTT...
Information Technology

White paper: Mastering simulation in pharma

The power of simulation in designing a pharmaceutical manufacturing process is due to the unique and detailed information it can provide for many operations. Learn more in this...
Information Technology

Case study: Improving therapy initiation with an AI-guided patient support program

There are many factors that can affect medication access and initiation. With the power of AI and predictive analytics, patient support interventions can be optimized to allow...
Smart Industry

eBook: Smart Pharma

Digital technology is continuing to play a widening role in the pharma world — at least, for companies willing to begin the transformation

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eBook: Biopharma trends 2023

The U.S. is the largest pharmaceutical market by value and its drug spending has continued to outgrow the global market — and this is largely driven by biologics, which have seen...

White paper: Personalized medicine — Succeeding beyond the blockbuster

The traditional model for the pharmaceutical industry has focused on the development of blockbuster, broad-spectrum medicines that treat millions of patients globally. However...
Biopharma Image

eBook: Biopharma trends

The pandemic underscored what we already knew to be true for biopharma industry: We need to make therapeutics faster and more affordably.
Large Molecule

eBook: Biopharma trends 2021

Biologic drugs have profoundly transformed modern medicine.

eBook: 2020 Biopharma Trends

There’s no denying that biopharma drugs will play a vital role in the future of medicine.

eBook: Biopharma Manufacturing Trends 2019

How slow-motion trends are driving biopharma growth, the dangerous impact of unproven stem cell therapies and more.
Fluid Handling

eBook: Liquid dose trends

Parenteral drugs are taking a strong position alongside the more established oral solid dose forms and are quickly coming into their own.
Large Molecule

eBook: Biopharmaceutical Technical Resource Guide

Biopharma R&D spending by PhRMA members grew from $2 billion in 1980 to some $51.6 billion in 2013. While no one’s crystal ball can exactly predict where the industry is headed...

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eBook: Pharma predictions & trends 2023

Leaders share forecasts as the industry continues to push through challenges
Op Ex & Lean Six Sigma

White paper: Implementing 5S workplace organization methodology in manufacturing facilities

“A place for everything, and everything in its place” is the mantra of the 5S method

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White paper: Serialization, secondary packaging and the war on counterfeit drugs

This Colbert white paper provides industry insights on serialization and security in packaging – its history, current state and the oncoming expectations in the war on counterfeit...
Pm22 Hero 854x480 Packaging

eBook: Pharma packaging trends 2022

Packaging plays many roles in today's pharma industry. Not only does the right packaging protect drug quality, it can further sustainability initiatives and even create a strategic...

Special report: Modern pharma packaging supply strategies

Pharmaceutical packaging products are getting cleaner, safer, and smarter than ever, and deciding how to choose a supplier requires more thought. Leading producers are laser focused...

eBook: Pharma packaging 2021

Packaging plays a critical role in safeguarding the quality of the world’s drug supply.

eBook: Packaging Trends 2020

Packaging plays a critical role in ensuring the quality and efficient distribution of the world’s drug supply.

eBook: Packaging Trends 2018

Packaging systems vendors are more closely considering space, simplicity and flexibility in new designs

Research Report: Filling Pharma’s Label Management Void

Industry survey indicates pharma’s need to move towards a single, connected label management solution.

eBook: Packaging trends 2016

Once viewed as a mundane part of the business, primary packaging of pharmaceuticals has morphed into a hotbed of creativity.

Featured Image
Quality & Risk

How to Guide: Building a business case for a digitalized QC platform

Discover five steps required to help create a compelling business case and get the key facts and figures you need to achieve senior buy-in for a digitalized QC Platform.
Photo For Article 1 (quality) 1540x800(1)

Why should CDMOs adhere to the new CDER's Rating System?

Dive into excellence: Discover how FDA's QMM program & CDER's rating system empower CDMOs to ensure top-quality pharmaceuticals, prevent shortages & build reliability. Uncover...
Featured Image 1540x800

Guide: Hygienic design considerations for weighing equipment

Contamination can lead to costly recalls, a damaged reputation, and ultimately harm to customers. Learn how to check your weighing equipment for key hygienic features and find...
Xr 1540 X800
Quality & Risk

White paper: Effects of X-ray on pharmaceutical products

This white paper, "Effects of X-ray Inspection on Pharmaceutical Products," answers a major concern of manufacturers: Do X-rays affect the quality and efficacy of a drug during...

Application note: Monitoring pharma solvent drying processes

What if you could achieve faster off-gas composition analysis without sacrificing precision and quality? Learn how to gain improved precision, accuracy, long intervals between...
Pm22 Hero 854x480 Quality

eBook: Quality 2022

In the pharma industry, quality is an area where this is no room for compromise. As such, manufacturers' pursuit of quality enhancements is ongoing.

Special Report: Efficiency gains for pharmaceutical QC

When it comes to pharmaceutical water, anything less than perfection is a risk.
Large Molecule

eBook: Quality 2021

In pharma, quality is a high-stakes business — not only measured in dollars, but more importantly, impacting patient lives.

Information Technology

White paper: Prepare your cyber defenses & learn how to protect your critical assets

Dragos's annual ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review provides an overview and analysis of ICS vulnerabilities, global threat activity targeting industrial environments & industry...

Report: ICS/OT cybersecurity year in review 2021

Dragos's annual ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review provides an overview and analysis of ICS vulnerabilities, global threat activity targeting industrial environments, and industry...

Thermo Fisher Scientific Red Bg

Case study: Manufacturing dry powder media from development to large-scale cGMP production

Learn the process and results of a two-phase scale-up strategy that was used for three complex dry powder medium products.

White paper: What is tabletability?

Want to know how to create a successful tablet? One robust enough to survive the journey from manufacturing to packaging is key. Don't do it correctly, you could have a tarnished...

eBook: Solid dose trends 2022

Oral solid dose drugs — the pharma industry’s most established dosage forms — are cost-effective to manufacture, shelf stable and easy to administer.
Small Molecule

eBook: Solid dose trends 2020

Oral solid dose formulations — the pharma industry’s tried-and-true treatment forms — continue to play a pivotal role in the industry’s quest to produce quality, effective treatments...

eBook: Solid Dose Trends 2019

The buzz may be around biologics, but the oral solid dose sector is still going strong
Small Molecule

eBook: Solid dose trends 2017

With more than a century of safe, effective usage, oral solid dose products are a proven pharmaceutical market mainstay. While the dosage form isn’t fading away any time soon,...
Small Molecule

2016 Solid Dose Trends

While the oral solid dosage form has not seen what OSD subject matter expert Dave DiProspero calls a “silver bullet change,” the sector has continued to stay relevant.

eBook: Solid Dose Spotlight

Seeking Agile, Excellent Oral Solid Dose Operations


eBook: Best of Pharma 2023

A collection of the most-read feature articles of the year, chosen by the Pharma Manufacturing digital audience.
Innovators Ebook Hero Image

eBook: Pharma innovation 2022

Discover recently launched or updated technologies and systems that have changed the game in pharmaceutical manufacturing across several areas.
Pm22 Hero 854x480 Best

eBook: Best of pharma 2022

A collection of the most-read feature articles of the year, chosen by the Pharma Manufacturing digital audience

Special report: Digital transformation for greater supply chain resilience

Over the last several years, pharmaceutical leaders have come to realize that their old ways of supply chain management are vastly inadequate for today’s hard-hitting challenges...

White paper: Selecting the right system to move biopharma equipment

A start-to-finish guide for understanding and evaluating equipment move options.Organizations need to find the move system that will keep their operations moving swiftly, efficiently...
Pm2204 Predictions Cover

eBook: Predictions and trends

While change does not always happen quickly in the pharma industry, the ongoing global pandemic has quickened the pace of emerging trends.

eBook: Best of pharma 2021

A collection of the most-read feature articles of the year, chosen by the Pharma Manufacturing digital audience.

eBook: Pharma Innovation 2021

This year in particular, the pressure has been on pharma to keep pace with the ongoing demand for pandemic products, while also meeting the needs of rapidly expanding areas of...

Other Resources.


eBook: New, innovative technology addresses manufacturing operational challenges

Hydraulic tank scale calibration reduces downtime and water consumption and improves productivity.
Quality & Risk

Case study: Maintaining quality and equivalency in custom cell culture media manufacturing from development to large-scale cGMP production

Challenges can arise when transitioning a media formulation from a non-cGMP prototype to a cGMP-manufactured product. Our case study outlines the scale-up process that was used...

Smoothing the transition: liquid, dry powdered media, and advanced granular technologies

Considering scalability, cost effectiveness, and convenience is essential to find a media format that can meet your current and future needs. Read our article to learn more about...

Five factors to consider when scaling up biologics production to meet global commercial output

Scale-up is a critical stage, with an optimized medium and robust supply chains being central to consistent product quality and a cost-effective process. Read our article to discover...
Contract Manufacturing

Exploring options for successful CGT&RM development and manufacture in Japan

Maximize your chances of success in developing and manufacturing CGT&RMs in Japan.
Featured Image 1540x800

Case Study: Increase Cross-Site Productivity with Smart, Hygienic Equipment

A pharma manufacturer seeking to create more accurate weighing workflows found that smart, hygienic equipment has helped it to achieve productivity gains across multiple manufacturing...
Supply Chain

The Track & Trace Guide: Building an Effective Program

This guide provides a complete reference to Track & Trace technology for use in the pharmaceutical industry. It covers the purpose, technology, and functionality of Track & Trace...
Pharma Content Syndication 01

Ultimate Guide to OSHA Injury and Illness Reporting

An American worker gets hurt on the job every 7 seconds. At that rate, safety pros make thousands of decisions every day about which injury and illness cases to record. With OSHA...
High Byte Abi Research Insight Image 1540x800
Data Management/Analytics

Analyst insight: Data architecture strategies and best practices for life sciences 4.0

Ready to improve data accessibility and product quality? Start by understanding data architecture strategies specifically for life sciences manufacturers. View examples from Alcon...

Compressed air system piping guide

If compressed air is the lifeblood of a plant, then the piping is the veins and arteries that carry it to each point of use.
Sao Paolo 1540x800
Supply Chain

Bringing innovation to the future of pharmaceutical distribution

Learn how Univar Solutions is bringing scale, reliability, and innovation to global markets in the pharmaceutical industry.

White paper: Pharma temperature monitoring for reduced waste and improved compliance

With supply chain’s unpredictable temperature conditions and logistical complexities, can you afford to leave customer satisfaction and product usability up to chance?
Pharma 1540x800

White paper: Minor measures, major benefits — compressed air in the pharma industry

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that air compressors use as much as 10% of all electricity generated in the U.S. and calculates that as much as 50% of this energy is wasted...
Pharma Mfg
Quality & Risk

White paper: Why achieving next-gen EHS performance requires a next-gen digital platform

In an evolving field, EHS leaders must be empowered with the digital tools that are resilient, scalable, and future-proofed. Discover the challenges facing today's EHS professionals...
Pharma 1

Special report: OT cybersecurity incident response — Are you ready?

Operational technology (OT) risks are on the rise, with more threat actors and incidents targeting manufacturers by the day. Even when organizations invest in preventative OT ...
5 Critical Controls For Pharma

Guide: 5 critical controls for world-class OT cybersecurity

Download this free guide to discover the key components of a world-class OT cybersecurity program for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.
Ci Server 1540x800 Web

White paper: End-to-end — Implementing continuous manufacturing in pharma

Get the latest updates on continuous manufacturing, a trend that is streamlining pharmaceutical manufacturing by reducing time and labor and increasing product quality.
Image 2
Automation & Control

Info brief: Innovating pharma at the edge — Improving performance, quality and compliance

Download this IDC InfoBrief to uncover key drivers and challenges pharma organizations face, as well as how investing in Edge Computing can help companies reach their operational...
Dreamstime Xl 27376678

White paper: Review of Annex 1 2022 — Environmental monitoring changes

The new revision is a complete rewrite of the existing Annex 1 from 2008, and almost quadruples the length
Single Use Support

White paper: How controlled freezing becomes reality

Learn how controlling the freezing behavior of bulk drug substance can improve viability of your final product.
Pm22 Hero 854x480 Supply
Quality & Risk

eBook: Supply chain

Supply chain challenges have always been a fact of life for pharma manufacturers. The pandemic further highlighted the importance of visibility and control across the pharma supply...

eBook: Biological indicators for sterilization Part 2

Have you heard? Experts at Mesa Labs wrote the biological indicator chapter in Handbook of Validation in Pharmaceutical Processes, Fourth Edition. Read the second part of their...

eBook: Ensuring container closure integrity during deep cold storage and transport

Are you working with a pharmaceutical product that requires deep cold storage? Studies have shown that deep cold storage temperatures can introduce risk to the container closure...

White paper: Balancing cost efficiencies in the drug development process

Pharmaceutical companies looking to increase cost efficiencies have various considerations to incorporate. Decision-making around effective project management, partnership strategy...

White paper: How can pharma can better weather this new economy

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries continue to experience increased pressure on financial performance due to several factors, including a rise in the cost of raw materials...

eBook: Biological indicators for sterilization Part 3

Hot off the press! Read the last segment of the biological indicators chapter in Handbook of Validation in Pharmaceutical Processes, Fourth Edition by the experts at Mesa Labs...

White paper: Applying green chemistry in pharma manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry is under intense pressure to reduce the environmental harm caused by drug development and manufacturing. Learn about Green Chemistry principles and...
Process Development

eBook: Biological indicators for sterilization Part 1

Biological indicator professionals at Mesa Labs contributed to the Handbook of Validation in Pharmaceutical Processes, Fourth Edition. Read the first part of their chapter "Biological...
Large Molecule

eBook: Predictions and trends 2021

In the highly regulated pharma industry, technological changes and progress tend to become evident relatively slowly.
Facility Design & Management

eBook: Facility trends 2021

Often taken for granted until something goes wrong, facility design, resource management and maintenance strategies can offer sources of overlooked savings.

eBook: Global Dose 2020

Pack your bags and join the editors of Pharma Manufacturing as we examine the state of pharma beyond the borders of the United States, exploring the pluses and minus of different...

eBook: Best of Pharma Manufacturing 2020

A collection of the most-read feature articles of the year, chosen by the Pharma Manufacturing digital audience.

eBook: Pharma Innovation 2020

Pivoting is nothing new for equipment and technology vendors. Innovation is about staying relevant; the most innovative vendors are often those who best adapt to meet the changing...
Facility Design & Management

eBook: 2020 Facility Trends

Managing a pharma facility involves coordinating many moving parts: plant operations, personnel, and the utilization of assets, resources and space.

eBook: State of Pharma Manufacturing 2020

The past year was marked by shifting business models, big mergers and mounting political pressures — and now, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic.

eBook: Best of Pharma Manufacturing 2019

A collection of the most-read feature articles of the year, chosen by the Pharma Manufacturing digital audience

eBook: Pharma Innovation 2019

Discover the latest tech and systems that have changed the game in pharmaceutical manufacturing

eBook: State of Pharma Manufacturing 2019

The past year was marked by shifting business models, more stringent quality requirements, technological improvements and mounting political pressures to solve pharma-related ...

eBook: Pharma Innovation 2018

Discover recently launched or updated technologies and systems that have changed the game in pharmaceutical manufacturing including high-quality equipment in various fields
Small Molecule

eBook: Solid Dose 2018

Despite the increasing number of injectable biologics, solid dose products are a proven pharmaceutical market mainstay. According to GoodRx data, the top 10 drugs based on monthly...