Archived Webinar: QbD Development of a Purity Method Using UPLC and Mass Detection

Nov. 4, 2014

A webinar hosted by Chromicent GmbH managing directors Alexander Schmidt and Mijo Stanic, experts in the development and validation of analytical methods according to the latest quality-by-design approaches, is now available on demand.

The aim of Schmidt and Stanic's recent work has been to apply quality-by-design principles to build in a more scientific and risk-based, multifactorial strategy in the development of a new UHPLC methods. In this webinar, they will describe the application of their approach in the development of a new purity method for a well known API. The final method, with an analysis time of only 4 minutes, provides a 40-fold increase in productivity compared to the existing method published in the European Pharmacopeia.

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