China halts sales of Bristol-Myers drug after U.S. plant inspection

March 25, 2020

In a reversal of roles, China has cited a U.S. facility for unsatisfactory conditions at a manufacturing plant and halted sales of a Bristol-Myers Squibb cancer drug. 

BSM’s partner, BeiGene confirmed this week that the China National Medical Products Administration has suspended sales of Abraxane after an inspection of one of BSM’s third-party manufacturing plant in the U.S.

The companies did not offer any details about what problems the Chinese regulator uncovered at the facility it inspected, but said they were working with regulators to correct the issues. 

The companies also said that the restrictions would only impact sales of the blockbuster medication in China, but nowhere else. BSM produces Abraxane for the U.S. market at a plant in Arizona, but outsources its production for China. 

Read the Reuters report.