Attorney general group targets several major drugmakers in new lawsuit

June 11, 2020

A consortium of U.S. attorneys general have filed a lawsuit against 26 makers of generic dermatology drugs.

According to the suit, the companies violated antitrust laws by communicating through phone calls, emails and at dinner parties to fix prices and rig bids. The companies being sued include Pfizer, Mylan, Teva and Sandoz. 

This is the third lawsuit brought against generic drugmakers for price-fixing and collusion claims, but the first that involves dermatology drugs such as ointments and creams. The attorneys general involved in the suit are from 46 U.S. states and territories.

Several drugmakers have already settled suits with the Department of Justice including Apotex, who paid $24.1 million to settle charges related to a cholesterol medication. Sandoz also pleaded guilty to price fixing and bid rigging in March and settled its case with the DOJ for $195 million — the largest fine ever paid for an antitrust case in the U.S.

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