Aug. 10, 2005
Pressure-Relief Assembly Prevents Environmental Contamination
Elfab, Europe’s leading pressure-safety specialist, has designed a pressure-relief assembly specifically to prevent environmental contamination in severe process conditions.The Double-Disc Opti-Gard comprises primary and secondary rupture discs, plus a pressure gauge or switch to monitor the space between the discs. In the event of chemical attack causing pinholing of the primary disc, the back-up prevents pollution of the environment, while the intermediate pressure sensor warns process managers and maintenance teams of the need to repair the compromized primary disc.The Opti-Gard disc comes with a +/-5% tolerance as standard, the product’s wetted parts are manufactured from corrosion-resistant Hastelloy C267 and the assembly meets NACE MR0175.Aside from simplifying pipework considerations, the Double-Disc Opti-Gard negates the risk of separate holders being incorrectly installed.