3VR Security, Inc.

Sept. 19, 2005
Intelligent Video Management System Beefs Up Plant Security

3VR Security, Inc., developers of the world's first Intelligent Video Management System recently previewed a suite of powerful new analytics that will be added to their latest software release (Version 3.0). New features will include:

  • Importable Face Data —
  • the ability to import jpegs of faces from existing sources (e.g. federal watch lists, CDs of images, networked folders) into the 3VR database, which enables users to then search for events including these people, program alerts associated with them, and proactively identify and track persons of interest.

  • Abandoned Object/Scene Change Search —
  • the ability to search through all data for frames where objects were introduced or removed from a camera's view; results are returned in seconds.

  • Motion Direction Detection —
  • The ability to determine flow rates and directions at entry and exit points.

  • Motion Tracking —
  • Users can track motion within an event to ensure that no movement, however slight, goes undetected.
"3VR Security is committed to providing our customers with comprehensive security solutions," said Stephen Russell, CEO. "That means bringing security professionals all of the analytics they need in one product. These new analytics add even more functionality to the 3VR system both in the context of security investigations and in daily monitoring. The needs of our customers are always changing and we have designed a system that is flexible enough to change with them." "These analytics bring some really cutting-edge capabilities to enterprise security buyers," said Bob Vallone, EVP of Engineering. "And it's important that our older customers will be able to enhance their existing systems with our new Abandoned Object/Scene Change Search, Direction Detection, and Data Import modules, as well as future modules, as they become available."