The Harmful Side Effect We Never Hear About / Congressional Cures?

Feb. 14, 2007
In this two-part article, Dr. Henry I. Miller examines the potential harmful side effects -- for the FDA, pharma manufacturers and the public -- of Congress and others pressuring the Agency to demonstrate its commitment to drug safety by flexing its regulatory muscle.

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The Harmful Side Effect We Never Hear About

Feb. 13, 2007
Recently, beleaguered by congressional and other critics, the FDA has been pedaling as fast as it can to demonstrate its commitment to drug safety -- but without at all addressing a far more pervasive, more intransigent problem: unwise, unproductive, risk-averse regulation that itself has severe side effects. Henry Miller with the first of two articles on the present and future of the FDA.

Congressional Cures?

Feb. 14, 2007
Two new bills before Congress are the culmination of years of drug company-bashing by a small number of activists. They will discourage drug development by making it more difficult and expensive and less profitable, at a time when an aging American population desperately needs new and improved medicines, and when pharmaceutical R&D is already ailing. Henry Miller explains what's at stake.

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Henry I. Miller, a physician and fellow at the Hoover Institution and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, headed the FDA's Office of Biotechnology from 1989-1993. His most recent book is, "The Frankenfood Myth." For a more detailed biography on Dr. Miller, click here.

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Dr. Henry I. Miller | fellow