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  • Why Cookies Crumble

    An understanding of how ingredients affect the entire process helps improve quality

  • A Better Batch

    Today’s solid dose manufacturing reality still relies on skillful execution by operators

  • Automating Excipient Selection

    In the interest of saving time and reducing costs, drug developers are automating the screening process when selecting excipients for solubility

  • FDA Says Adios to Paper Filing

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers may not be looking forward to FDA’s Cinco de Mayo deadline, but if they don’t file electronically, their drug submissions will be rejected

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  • 2016 Solid Dose Trends

    While the oral solid dosage form has not seen what OSD subject matter expert Dave DiProspero calls a “silver bullet change,” the sector has continued to stay relevant.

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    The Best of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing eBook is a collection of the most-read feature articles from 2014, chosen by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing digital audience.


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