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How Ex Are Your Ops? Take Our Survey and Find Out

Which operational excellence tools are working best and which aren't? Are you getting support from the top down and the bottom up? What role are PAT and advanced process control playing? Learn from your peers and benchmark your Op Ex programs when we summarize results in May's issue.

How are you and your peers utilizing new technologies and applying Six Sigma and the principles of Deming, Juran and Shingo in your workaday worlds? Are you experimenting with Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) or advanced process control (APC)? Are you incorporating continuous manufacturing?

By taking our survey, you will help us assemble the "big picture" for all pharmaceutical manufacturers, and we'll return the favor by sending you benchmarking results that show how your facility's operations compare with those of your competitors. In addition, everyone who completes our survey will automatically be entered into a drawing for a Zen mp3 player.

Click here to take the survey.

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