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  • Using Multiparty Networks to Conquer Industry Challenges

    Pharma companies can now become demand-driven, synchronizing supply to demand to optimize patient service levels, lower inventory levels, and reduce costs

    Geoffrey Annesley, EVP of Healthcare industries, One Network Enterprises
  • An Injection a Day

    Premature promises about cell therapies create expectations ripe for disappointment

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Disrupting the Status Quo of Legacy Systems

    How embracing modernization will put pharma on the path toward operational quality, efficiency and regulatory compliance

    Tim Gellner, Senior Consultant, MAVERICK Technologies
  • Pharma Worlds Unite

    Key trends highlighted at this year’s CPhI Worldwide

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing staff
  • Bio's Bad Apples

    Can unproven therapies spoil the sector’s sweet success?

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Pharma’s OpEx Mission

    What Special Operations Forces can teach pharma about digital transformation

    Chad Storlie, retired US Army Special Forces officer, author, adjunct lecturer
  • Biopharma Market: An Inside Look

    Survey results reveal how slow-motion trends are driving biopharma growth

    Ronald A. Rader, Senior Director, Technical Research, BioPlan Associates and Eric S. Langer, President, BioPlan Associates
  • QbD and Drug Packaging and Delivery: A Guide to Creating Safer Components

    The increase in injectable biologic and biosimilar treatments is requiring a stronger focus on quality requirements with respect to how the drugs are packaged and delivered.

    Fran DeGrazio, Vice President of Scientific Affairs and Technical Services, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
  • The Future of Capsule Supply Chain Analytics

    How and why companies should focus on leveraging data and analytics to integrate supply chains

    Brian Garrett, Supply Chain Manager, Americas, Lonza Pharma & Biotech
  • Proactive Roof Asset Management

    Why roof preservation matters for pharma manufacturing facilities and what steps need to be taken

    Richard Rast, President, BLUEFIN
  • What are you Afraid Of?

    Pharma needs to kick open the closet and confront its digital demons

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
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