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  • The evolution of API route decisions

    How advancements in biocatalytic capabilities have added to the API development and manufacturing toolbox

    Tonia Becker Sr. Consultant, Synthetic Biology, Life Sciences and Chemicals, Haig Barrett
  • New look, same great taste

    Proudly debuting some new "packaging," Pharmaceutical Manufacturing continues to deliver the same great editorial flavor

  • Pharma finds balance

    Despite negative public opinions and heavy demands, survey respondents indicate rising satisfaction and pride in their work

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Creating a Pharma Packaging Line That Fits Acidic Products

    Acidic liquids could cause damage to equipment over time through corrosion, which will result in costly breakdowns and downtime without sufficient preventive measures.

    Krys Beal, Vice President of sales and marketing, E-PAK Machinery
  • Drowning in Data?

    Follow these five steps to quench your thirst for insights from your data

    Michael Risse, CMO and VP, Seeq
  • The Human-Machine Matchup

    Combining human reasoning with the machine learning functionality found in advanced analytics applications improves pharma processes

    Lisa Graham, PhD and PE, Seeq Corporation
  • Tech Transfer Communications

    Transitioning from “forming and storming” to the desired “norming and performing” stages of project execution

    Achilles Cortez, Senior Director of Project Management, Pharma Tech Industries
  • The MLCM Paradigm Shift

    Analytical methods based on performance are quickly becoming a compliance expectation

    Dr. Alexander H. Schmidt, CEO and joint founder, Chromicent, Mijo Stanic, CEO and joint-founder, Chromicent, and Dr. Paula Hong, Principal Consulting Scientist, Waters Corporation
  • Generics Surge Forward

    AAM Access! 2019 makes it clear that generics have earned their seat at the table

    Karen Langhauser, Chief Content Director
  • Preparing for the Upsurge in Pharma Cyber Attacks

    In 2019, the number of connected OT devices will continue to grow exponentially and so will the OT security threat landscape.

    Yoni Shohet, Co-founder and VP of Business Development, SCADAfence
  • Excipients Fit for 21st Century Medicine

    DuPont's novel excipient is designed to better stabilize biologics

    Joshua S. Katz, Abigail Nolin, Benjamin A. Yezer, and Susan Jordan, DuPont Nutrition and Health
  • The Case for Predictive Maintenance

    Leveraging data will not only help pharma predict asset failures, but also eliminate them

    Sean Otto, Ph.D., VP Analytics, Cyient Insights
  • The Case for Outsourcing Buffer Preparation in Pharma

    Why manufacturers are seeking alternative options to in-house preparation.

    Dr. Becky Moore, Senior Global Product Manager Bioprocess Liquids; Genevieve E. Brau, Senior Manager, Global Market Development; Remko Clasen, Senior Market Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific
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