Infinity RX 36 Table Top Accumulator


PM1407 Garvey InnovateCardFull Name: Infinity RX 36 Table Top Accumulator

Team: Garvey Corp.

Status: Active

Debut: October, 2013

Field Position: Replacement for traditional rotary table or turntable accumulators in product handing environments.

Skill Set: Patented Infinity RX 36 can out-feed products faster than a traditional rotary table and with less pressure and no damage.

Performance Stats:
• Zero pressure accumulation
• Eliminates pressure, noise and significantly mitigates vial damage and glass particulates produced during handling
• Available in 36, 48 or 60-inch configurations.

Regulatory Profile: Supports cGMP and QbD-based operations and similar particulate abatement risk-management initiatives.

Coach’s Notes: The RX 36 table top accumulator was developed to be a simple and effective replacement for rotary table or turntable accumulators. The patented Infinity RX 36 can out-feed products faster than a traditional rotary table and with less pressure and no damage. It requires virtually the same footprint as a traditional rotary table. It greatly reduces pressure and noise associated with rotary table accumulators.

Scout’s Notes: An out-feed section can be placed on any side of RX 36 making integration into existing lines as simple as possible. A tray unloading area or in-feed can be also placed on any side due to the symmetrical design of the table.

Team Resources: Garvey Corporation, headquartered in Blue Anchor, New Jersey, produces a full line of conveyors, accumulators and custom designed systems to meet unique customer needs. Operating since 1926, the company has handled everything from tiny vials to bottled water across the food and pharmaceutical industries. Customer focused with a history of innovation, Gordon Garvey founded the company in a gas station located between Philadelphia and Atlantic City in order to serve motorists going each way. He later opened a precision sheet metal facility at the same location.





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