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Manesty TPR 500 Tablet Press


PM1407 Bosch InnovateCard

Full Name: Manesty TPR 500 Tablet Press

Team: Bosch Packaging Technology

Status: Active

Debut: Interpack 2014

Field Position: High-throughput solid-dose tableting operations

Skill Set: Well-integrated components including die table and patented die plate, torque drive and tablet discharge tube, as well as an advanced HMI offer high productivity. Delivers high throughput and flexibility as well as reduced maintenance requirements.

Performance Stats:
• Incorporates 56-station die table
• Can produce more than 400,000 tablets per hour
• Extendable powder feeder for flexible production and higher yields

Regulatory Profile: Ready for cGMP and QbD compliant operations

Coach’s Notes: “With its novel design and high productivity, the Manesty TPR 500 underlines Bosch’s competence in tablet pressing and offers customers the highest machine quality combined with excellent usability,” says Christian Treitel, business development director, product division pharma at Bosch Packaging Technology. “Reduced maintenance efforts and overall ease of use lower the Total Cost of Ownership and make the TPR 500 particularly suitable for customers with flexible requirements.”

Scout’s Notes: Thanks to the scaled setting, all filling parameters can be easily reproduced, and the tablet press consistently achieves high-quality yields. To ensure the smooth delivery of tablets, the new True Flow tablet discharge chute features an easy-to-clean pneumatic gate mechanism and an optimized take-off angle, significantly reducing product damage and increasing output, especially with shaped or friable tablets.

Team Resources: Based in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, Germany, Bosch Packaging Technology division employs 5,600 associates, supplying process and packaging technologies from some 30 locations in more than 15 countries worldwide. Bosch’s highly-qualified workforce develops and produces complete solutions for the pharmaceuticals, food, and confectionery industries. These solutions are complemented by a comprehensive after-sales service portfolio.





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