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How streamlining maintenance planning and scheduling can give pharma companies an edge

Learn how to identify common pitfalls in planning and scheduling processes, understand how to build a case for investing in maintenance planning, and discover strategies to optimize the availability of spare parts inventory for maintenance.

March 19, 2024 

11:00 AM ET / 10:00 AM CT / 8:00 AM PT / 4:00 PM GMT

Duration: 1 hour 

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Downtime due to equipment failures disrupts production schedules and delays product delivery — every minute translates to lost revenue and potential supply chain disruptions.

As a drugmaker, if your maintenance is reactive rather than proactive, you run a higher risk of contaminated equipment or facilities, which can compromise product quality, endanger patient health, and tarnish a company’s reputation. To remain competitive and ensure drug quality, pharma manufacturers must reduce unplanned downtime through improved maintenance practices.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify common pitfalls in planning and scheduling processes and learn how to mitigate them. 
  • Understand how to build a compelling case for investing in maintenance planning. 
  • Discover strategies to optimize the availability of spare parts inventory for maintenance.

By mastering maintenance planning and scheduling, your company can elevate its competitive edge and provide high-quality products to consumers.


Sean McWhirter, Solution Engineer, Prometheus Group

Sean McWhirter is a Product Owner at Prometheus Group. Before coming to Prometheus Group, Sean was a reliability engineer for ArcelorMittal, a steel and mining company. With a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University and a background in asset reliability, Sean has direct experience identifying and fixing asset management issues. As Product Owner, Sean collaborates with organizations across multiple industries to help them solve their enterprise asset management, maintenance, and safety challenges with integrated solutions. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.



Andrea Corona, Senior Editor, Pharma Manufacturing

Andrea Corona serves as the Senior Editor of Pharma Manufacturing, and is responsible for creation of editorial content, moderating webinars, and co-hosting the "Off script" podcast. Her editorial journey started as an as Associate Editor at Biocompare, an online platform providing life scientists with product information, industry news, articles, and other resources to support scientists in their work. Before this, she was a Digital Producer at Science Friday, focusing on adapting radio segments for the web and handling social media. Andrea earned her Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Biology from Purchase College, SUNY. 

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