Omega Temperature Measurement Handbook and Encyclopedia (6th Edition)

Omega Engineering, a world leader in process measurement and control, has released the new 6th Edition of its Temperature Handbook. This hard-bound book offers detailed information and specifications on over 40,000 products for process measurement and control featured on 2,000+ full-color pages. The new 6th Edition contains the latest technology and new products in temperature measurement and control including thermocouples, RTD probes and elements, thermistors, infrared products, calibration equipment, handheld instruments, meters, controllers, timers, transmitters, process controllers and power switching devices, data acquisition, recorders, cryogenics temperature measurement, heaters, and technical reference.

The book is available free of charge, but must be ordered through Omega's website at: For more information, contact Omega Engineering by phone at (800) 848-4286 or (203) 359-1660, or by e-mail at