GE Healthcare: ReadyCircuit Bioprocess Assemblies and ReadyKart Mobile Processing Station

GE Healthcare has extended its ReadyToProcess platform of ready-to-use systems with the launch of ReadyCircuit disposable flow path assemblies and ReadyKart, a mobile processing station for the quick setup of sterile fluid processing systems. All new products are used in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.
ReadyCircuit’s range of over 250 bags, sensors, filtration devices, tubing and sub-assemblies with aseptic connectors enable the user to configure and deploy an optimal bioprocess set-up within minutes. As standard, user configurable sub-assemblies, ReadyCircuit products permit single use processes to be deployed off the shelf instead of requiring weeks like conventional disposable bag sets. Custom assemblies built to user specifications are also available. The disposable ready-to-use format of ReadyCircuit eliminates the need for cleaning and cleaning validation, and thus contributes to reducing costs and enabling the development of biopharmaceuticals, such as vaccines and monoclonal antibodies, with lower capital investment. In addition, ReadyCircuit enables time between batches to be reduced, thereby increasing manufacturing agility.
Most assemblies use ReadyMate genderless aseptic disposable connectors for a simple, self-contained and robust connection, providing the flexibility that ensures users can setup their bioprocess with the required layout in the designated space.  Unique to the portfolio are a series of pre-flushed validated sterile filtration modules (including TFF, MF and UF) that terminate in ReadyMate connectors making them ideal for aseptic processing or where terminal sterile filtration is not feasible.
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