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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. introduces the Thermo Scientific MaxQTM 8000 series of stackable shakers. The MaxQ 8000 shakers offer several features, including run points and set points for temperature, speed and time, which are displayed simultaneously for convenient run cycle monitoring. A built-in HEPA filter minimizes the chance of cross-contamination and ensures that air inside the chamber remains clean. The fold-down door, complete with an ergonomically designed handle, allows the shaker platform to slide out, enabling easy access for loading and unloading samples. Safety is ensured by a flip-down handle/latch on the quick-release base, preventing the shaker from running if the platform is not secure. In addition, all stacking hardware is included so no additional accessories need to be purchased.
The shaker's chamber is made of crevice-free type 304 stainless steel with coved corners and contains a built-in drain that keeps spills within the work area for easy cleaning. Electronic components and the HEPA filter are easily accessed from the front of the unit, eliminating the need to move the shaker during regular maintenance or service. 

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