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With less than a month remaining before Florida's July 1 deadline, many organizations are scrambling to comply with the state's drug pedigree law. To help them meet mandatory Florida requirements for drug pedigrees, on June 7 SupplyScape Corp. began shipping its new E-Pedigree Version 3.6. This electronic pedigree solution is quick and easy to implement and delivers the lowest total cost of pedigree management.

The company also announced an accelerated pedigree compliance program, Compliance Express, by which organizations can implement E-Pedigree within just four weeks.

Organizations with an urgent need to meet pressing regulatory deadlines can immediately take advantage of E-Pedigree's rapid implementation features. Many companies choose the ASP hosting option, while others deploy internally. Fast integration with financial ERP and warehouse management systems occurs through the flexible SupplyScape API. Process variations from one warehouse facility to another are managed easily using simple business rule configuration. Common processes including kitting and repackaging are handled automatically through built-in features and don't require custom development.

"The SupplyScape solution was remarkably stable and robust," said Bryan Russell, ePedigree service line leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP. "My client was able to implement a solution on-time, on-budget, and well ahead of the Florida regulations."

E-Pedigree V3.6 contains many features to help customers quickly jumpstart their pedigree program to meet the pending deadline.

"Customers specifically point to our Compliance Express implementation process, our SAP NetWeaver certified interface, and our diverse E-Pedigree deployment options as just some of the elements that get them from project start to fully compliant in four to six weeks," said Jeff Durand, vice president of professional services at SupplyScape.

Extensive Business Process Support

Technology infrastructures are integrated quickly due to E-Pedigree's platform-independent design. Customers have leveraged this design when implementing on enterprise platforms such as SAP R/3 and Oracle Fusion, databases including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, as well as application servers from IBM and BEA to JBoss.

SupplyScape E-Pedigree V3.6 offers several additional advancements that reflect the unique business operations of the pharmaceutical supply chain. These features include:

  • RX ASN Advanced Ship Notice capability
  • Pedigree Portal capability
  • EPCglobal Pedigree format support
  • RFID integration
  • Integrated Micromedex RED BOOK product data option
  • Digital Certificates Support.

In addition, the company has launched SupplyScape RxCertificates, the industry's first Certificate Authority service to comply with Florida pedigree regulations. Manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies can obtain the essential digital certificates, via the RxCertificates service, required to digitally sign, or certify, the pedigrees for drugs they distribute. For more information on RxCertificates, visit

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