Millipore Corp.

Millipore has introduced an isolator version of the Steritest Equinox pump for sterility testing. Optimized for use with Millipore’s Steritest and Steritest EZ sterility testing devices, the pump delivers consistent testing in a secure environment and reduces overall testing time.

Ergonomically designed, the software-controlled peristaltic pump can be installed easily in both glove and half-suit isolators. As a result, the pump offers lab technicians the safe, uniform transfer of drug samples from various packaging formats to the Steritest and Steritest EZ testing devices. Using Millipore’s mounting kit, the pump is affixed directly to an isolator worktable.
Analysts now download custom procedures from a computer onto the pump, which prompts them through selected standard operating procedures (SOP). A patented auto-close pump head simplifies the loading and unloading of the device’s tubing without the risk of damaging the isolator gloves. In addition, a pressure control system consistently monitors the pressure inside each canister. Its unique profile ensures perfect decontamination inside isolators, eliminating the risk of false positives.

The Steritest Equinox pump is also available for sterility testing in laminar flow hoods.

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