WCCN Publishing, Inc.

IT specialists and others looking for a solid primer on RFID technology may turn to RFID in the Enterprise, recently published by WCCN Publishing, Inc. Tom Polizzi, the handbook’s author and editor of the "WCCN Letter," a resource on wireless technologies for more than a dozen years, seeks to instruct readers in a straightforward, plain-spoken manner in the very basics of RFID technology.

The book includes what Polizzi calls a “painless” tutorial on RFID basics and definitions, as well as comprehensive sections on the use of passive and active tags, understanding various RFID standards, and assessing requirements and design considerations. Polizzi also presents case studies of seven different successful implementations of RFID tracking systems.

The book is available through the publisher’s web site (www.wccn.com) or on amazon.com.
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