Bolz-Summix offers a complete line of Laboratory/Pilot drying systems featuring a conical dryer-mixer for drying various materials the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The units come in (4) standard working capacities of 15, 30, 50, and 100 liters.

These units are designed as turnkey systems with dust filter, solvent recovery, vacuum system, piping and instrumentation, heating & cooling, control and operating systems supplied. The Bolz-Summix units are designed to be portable, and any required process such as drying under vacuum, precision mixing/blending, liquid/gas injection, or other process functions, can be carried out with absolute precision.

The Boz-Summix units are designed for quick and precise scale-up to production sizes. They have advanced features such as a heated mixing screw or a heated internal cone. These units can be supplied in various materials including stainless steel, hastelloy, inconel and other alloys.

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