AutoPak Engineering Corp.

AutoPak Engineering Corporation, a manufacturer and integrator of sanitary stainless steel conveyors and ancillary equipment, will introduce several new conveyor technologies at PACK EXPO International, November 7-11, 2004 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, Booth # N-3724. Visitors making appointments in advance will receive a customized 3-dimensional (3-D) conveyor drawing, reflecting specific layout, product type, required speed, transfers, etc.

The company’s highly customizable technologies and services ensure flexibility, consistency and quality for manufacturers and packagers of small- to medium-sized pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products. At PACK EXPO, AutoPak will demonstrate its new, modular XE Conveyor, its recently introduced XA Conveyor and other solutions configured for bottle, blister and pouch applications.

In addition, for all PACK EXPO booth visitors making appointments in advance, AutoPak will provide a customized 3-D conveyor drawing. Designed to meet individual product, speed and space requirements, the drawing will detail all of the parts needed to build an efficient conveyor system.

The new XE Conveyor is a cost-effective, modular solution for transporting liquids or capped packages. Constructed entirely from stainless steel, this open-top conveyor system has a curve radius measuring approximately 6”, saving a significant amount of floor space.

AutoPak’s recently introduced XA Conveyor is designed to help pharmaceutical packagers meet strict FDA requirements. The stainless steel system features a sanitary, raised chain design, allowing packagers to easily inspect and clean between top and bottom belts. In addition, there are no crevices or holes in the conveyor body where powders or tablets can accumulate, facilitating visual inspections after each lot run. All straight sections of the conveyor feature a liftable chain, further contributing to fast and easy cleanup. Like the XE Conveyor, low radius curves make the XA Conveyor very compact and easy to fit in tight production spaces.

AutoPak will also feature a special conveyor configuration for the handling of pouches by robots. This innovative system will place pouches into rectangular nests to ensure correct pouch orientation for handling by the robot and will return empty nests in a continuous flow.

To schedule a booth appointment during PACK EXPO and receive a customized 3-D conveyor drawing, contact Ignacio Muñoz Guerra, General Director, AutoPak Engineering Corporation, Tel: (787) 723-8036; Email:

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