Smart Industry



Pharma's smooth transitions

Technology advances are music to the industry's ear

Pharma finds its digital groove

An upbeat outlook mixed with better technology puts transformation back on track

2019 Pharma Innovation Awards

This year's winners offer slices of innovation

Dealing with Pharma's Digital Demons

To advance, pharma must confront its digital transformation fears head-on

What Are You Afraid Of, Pharma?

Pharma needs to kick open the closet and confront its digital demons

Navigating the Next Industrial Revolution, Together

The fourth annual Smart Industry Conference offered digital collaboration across industry lines

Building the Workforce of the Future

Putting the right team together to future-proof your company.

Improving Digital Quality in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Technology is helping to de-mystify the digital landscape and drive quality throughout the product life cycle.

Post-Pomp Pharma

Educated and excited about digital transformation, pharma now needs a digital life plan

Pharma Industrial Internet: The Quest for Digital Transformation

How the Pharma Industrial Internet can positively impact your label production process

More Bacon than the Pan Can Handle

What’s a pharma manufacturer to do with all this hot, sizzling data?

Finding Opportunity In Uncertainty: Embedding Agility in Pharma Supply Chains

Becoming agile has significant benefits, but a structured approach is required to capture them

The Time is Right for Virtualization

Special report aims to help readers understand virtualization and thin clients, and how their implementation can advance process automation efforts.