Powder Systems Ltd.

June 1, 2007
Contained Filtration In its Simplest Form

The PSL simplefilter is a contained filtration solution, used for many applications in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry. Eliminating the requirement for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the PSL simplefilter can be utilised in many process that currently necessitate the use of extensive PPE.  As a choice for pilot plant use, typical applications include chemical development and API production, carbon filtration, hydrogenation, catalyst recovery and pre filtering for micro-filtration.

PSL have specialized in contained filtration solutions since 1989.  Extending and enhancing the range of contained filter dryers has lead to widely used sophisticated Filter Dryer systems.  The simplefilter adds another dimension to this range, offering an economical and versatile filtration solution with robust containment.

The PSL simplefilter is a single plate pressure filter with effective containment via a nitrogen purged GloveBag.  Standard simplefilters include heated vessel walls while a heated base, sterile design base, and various methods of contained discharge are provided as optional extras. In order to provide maximum flexibility and adaptability for the simplefilter, units are mobile as standard.

Products can be recovered via a continuous liner system direct to liners or via a PSL ChargePoint split butterfly valve to a PSL ChargeBag. The latter allows for contained handling in further process steps.