Samsung Biologics wins additional Pfizer manufacturing deals

July 5, 2023

South Korea's Samsung Biologics announced two deals with Pfizer worth a combined $897 million to manufacture products.

The first deal, worth $704.4 million, is the CDMO's biggest single contract since its inception in 2011. According to Samsung Bio, the deal has expanded since the letter of intent was signed last month. It involves drugs for tumors, inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

Additionally, Pfizer has placed a $193 million order that is a follow-up to a deal previously announced in March and then expanded earlier this month. The strategic partnership has Samsung manufacturing Pfizer's multi-product biosimilars portfolio.

Samsung will provide large-scale manufacturing capabilities using its newest facility, plant 4. The facility, known as the  "super plant," is located in Songdo, South Korea. Plant 4 is the world’s largest single biomanufacturing plant, with a production capacity of 240,000 liters, giving Samsung Biologics a total of 604,000 liters capacity, amounting to over a quarter of the total global CDMO production at its Bio Campus I.

The latest deals bring this year's combined tally of orders from Pfizer to $1.08 billion, according to Samsung Biologics.