AAIPharma Services Announces A New Stability Services Transfer Program

April 13, 2010

Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies depend on the scientific ability of their drug product development providers for many services.  Beyond good science, reliability of sound compliance and stable finances are critical, to ensure their development program's milestones are realized.

AAIPharma Services has expanded its offerings especially in the areas of Mass Spectrometry and Stability Management.  

•    No cost method transfers on transferred stability studies with at least 12 months remaining,
•    Free data trending and calculation of expiration dates and
•    No extra charge for pass through costs.
AAIPharma services come standard with generation of analytical and stability reports with a commitment of three weeks from the stability pull date and convenient on-line access to your stability data.  All of this comes to you with the peace of mind that our USFDA and EU EMEA/MHRA inspected and approved Labs and over 400 dedicated employees are standing behind your products.
About AAIPharma Services Corp.
AAIPharma Services Corp. is a leading provider of services that encompass the entire process of pharmaceutical drug development from discovery through commercialization. The company specializes in analytical chemistry, formulation development, clinical packaging, oral drug delivery and contract manufacturing. AAIPharma Services serves more than 300 large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies throughout North America.  It is headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina.  For more information on the company, go to www.aaipharma.com.