Apotex Announces Realignment of Operating Model

March 17, 2015

Dr. Jeremy B. Desai, president and CEO of Apotex, announced a significant realignment in its structure and operating model. The objective of the realignment is to better serve customers through the establishment of defined lines of business by aligning internal process streams in support of company strategies.

Under the new structure, Apotex will now operate along three core lines of business:
1. Global Generics: Responsible for the delivery of the generics portfolio arising out of the Apotex group of companies and third parties to all global markets.

2. Global Specialty Pharma: Responsible for the development, manufacturing and global commercialization of Biosimilars and other specialty products made by Apotex or supplied by third parties.

3. Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API): Responsible for delivering API to the Apotex Group and sales of select APIs to other global customers.

"The three principal objectives with this new model are to focus all of Apotex on a core strategy - aligned with our global customers, improve our capabilities in all disciplines and areas, and work together with greater collaboration and agility around common goals," said Desai.

Apotex is the largest Canadian owned pharmaceutical company with over 10,000 employees globally and with estimated sales of approximately $2 billion. Read the full release