J&J PRD and Pfizer Wild About WuXi

Nov. 6, 2008
WuXi PharmaTech has become the most trusted contract R&D partner in China.

At a recent conference session on outsourcing clinical drug trials, an audience member stood up and questioned his U.S.-based peers about which Chinese companies they were contracting with for the production of clinical trial materials. Several spoke up that they were working with WuXi—that is, WuXi PharmaTech. The man then asked a follow-up question: Are there other Chinese CMOs that you’re comfortable working with for clinical products? No one spoke up, and many in the audience shook their heads.

WuXi PharmaTech has gained a reputation for being the most reliable partner in China for preclinical and clinical contracting. Last summer, Frost & Sullivan named WuXi “Best in Class” for Outsourced R&D in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology. "High proportion of repeat and referral customers is a testament to [WuXi’s] focus on customer satisfaction and operational excellence," said Frost & Sullivan Leader of China Healthcare Operation Xuchao Hou. Last winter, WuXi acquired AppTec to expand operations into the U.S.

Indeed, everyone seems to be wild about WuXi. Both Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Group and Pfizer recently announced expanded agreements with the company. The agreement with J&J PRD, a Division of Janssen Pharmaceutica, N.V. expands upon collaboration betweent the two.

WuXi is already a preferred research services provider to J&JPRD for discovery chemistry, and will now provide integrated research services in discovery chemistry, discovery biology, chemical and analytical development services, formulation, and preclinical and bio-analytical services, to enhance drug discovery and shorten development timelines.

"This agreement leverages WuXi's strong R&D capabilities from early stage discovery to commercial production to deliver reliable, high quality and cost-efficient services to J&JPRD,” says Dr. Ge Li, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WuXi PharmaTech. “Our partnership demonstrates the strength of our innovation driven and fully integrated R&D service platform."

WuXi has also just announced a three-year agreement with Pfizer to establish ADME assays to provide in vitro screening services on compounds WuXi synthesizes for Pfizer. The goal is to assist Pfizer scientists in improving the pharmacokinetic properties of their compounds. WuXi has worked with Pfizer in the past on snthetic chemistry, parallel medicinal chemistry (PMC), and ADME to bioanalytical services.

"A high quality and flexible Asia R&D partnership network is critical to Pfizer's emerging market and Asia strategy,” says Steve Yang, Vice President and Head of Asia R&D at Pfizer.