CMOs on Fire

Feb. 19, 2019
Four contract manufacturers who are redefining what it means to outsource

Recently, contract manufacturers have taken the conventional definition of outsourcing, and set it on fire. Traditionally, CMOs provided capacity reservoirs for pharma companies to tap as needed. For decades, outsourcing to contract manufacturers has been a valuable — even vital — option, allowing pharma companies to focus their resources on their primary objectives.

But the days of CMOs being faceless, behind-the-scenes workhorses are long gone. Now, as major pharmaceutical companies lumber through transformations slowly, up-and-coming CMOs are often zipping ahead of the pack and offering savvy and efficient solutions to making the best-quality products.

Smart contract manufacturing organizations have already started positioning themselves to compete for their spot in an increasingly sophisticated and multifaceted supply chain. Attracting and maintaining customers in today’s environment is not only predicated on offering the technologies needed to meet capacity needs, but devising creative — and sometimes unconventional — solutions to customers’ problems.

For our annual look at changes in the CMO market, we tracked down four companies that embody this quest for innovation, and are finding unique ways to serve up solutions to common industry problems. The companies profiled — iBio CDMO, Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing, ADC BIO and Porton Pharma — may provide different services to different customer bases, but they are united by their willingness to blaze new trails in pharma and redefine the role of the contract manufacturer.

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