Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are combined with excipients (inactive substances) to make drugs.  Here you will find content about the development, manufacturing, analysis and regulation of pharmaceutical APIs.


Excipient-based strategies to harness complex therapeutics

Though excipients are a necessary drug component that can often be taken for granted, the ever-changing pharma landscape is always pushing us to shift our perspectives.
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Bridging the gap between R&D and GMP

Companies prioritizing optimized synthetic routes, stable API forms, and verified analytical tools set the stage for phase I clinical manufacturing success

Toward a collaborative pharma ecosystem

A new biomanufacturing era demands that suppliers and manufacturers partner to efficiently bring new therapies to market

Reevaluating pharma packaging priorities

Supply chain challenges and industry trends are spurring new business strategies

Global Dose: Focus on India

The world's leader of generic drug production looks towards new horizons in pharma

Top pharma industry predictions for 2021

In many ways, the beginning of 2021 isn’t just one of the most welcome New Years of the modern era — it could also be a turning point between the pre-COVID and post-COVID worlds...

The case for nanoparticles

Leveraging new powder technologies to manufacture personalized medicines

Manufactured patriotism

The government wants to reshore generics, but the drug industry isn’t celebrating

Harnessing lab power on the pharma plant floor

Technologies accelerating the verification process for raw materials

Bring it home

Inside the movement to put generic drug production back on America's shores

The growing benefits to reshoring pharma operations

The need to explore the diversification of U.S. pharmaceutical supply chains and the feasibility of relocation has never been higher.