eBook: Advances in aseptic processing — Keeping risk and contamination at bay

April 28, 2015
It would be foolish to underestimate the risk associated with aseptic drug processing

Drug safety, secure uninterrupted supply, as well as regulatory imperatives dictate that drug makers create intensive and verifiable systems to assure sterility in aseptic processing environments. Following are insights and a few cautions from Pharma’s top experts on how to keep your aseptic, sterile controlled space free from the number one source of contamination: People.

This eBook includes:
• No Man's Land
• Ascent of the Robots
• Clash of the Titans
• Uncommon Sense in Execution of Process Simulations
• Applying Single-Use Efficiencies to Room-to-Room Fluid Transfer
• Aseptic Processing: Origins to Current Day Technology