International Paper

Feb. 10, 2005
Pilfer and Tamper-Resistant Packaging Board
To help pharmaceutical manufacturers and other packaged goods companies better protect their products, International Paper has developed Everest Safe-Pak, the first tear-proof, fold-over blister packaging paperboard. The product is exposed under the clear plastic, but the fold over paperboard adheres to itself and prevents easy opening. With up to five times the tear resistance and nearly double the puncture resistance of current fold-over boards, it provides far-greater tamper- and pilfer-resistance. It is child-resistant (for example, with pharmaceuticals) and is an economical alternative to plastic clamshells.Everest Safe-Pak offers excellent printability. And because the board folds over on itself, both sides of the package can maximize manufacturer brand awareness. The patent-pending board also enables packagers to run their packaging equipment more efficiently and converters to have increased throughput. This remarkable board also seals at lower temperatures than competitive boards. This can be significant for the blister packaging of products such as heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals.