Russell Finex Inc.

March 4, 2005
Sieve Improves Containment of Powders
The new patent-pending Compact Airlock Sieve from Russell Finex adds a new dimension to screening technology for the pharmaceutical industry. The unique design has evolved as a result of close consultation with many of the top pharmaceutical companies around the world.The company claims its Compact Airlock Sieve is the first real advance in pharmaceutical sieving technology for ten years, with its validatable pneumatic clamping system giving large improvements in product containment and operator health and safety. With powders safely contained, the screener accurately removes any contamination and therefore improves product quality and safeguards the reputation of the user. The unit also complies with the new ATEX legislation in Europe.The operation of the Compact Airlock Screener is simple but effective. Oversize contamination is removed by the mesh screen fitted to the unit, while the good product passes through the mesh and on to the next stage of production.The cGMP design of the screener is based on clean lines, making sanitation easier and performance greater. Clean downtimes are reduced, as the sieve is quick to disassemble in seconds without tools. Crevice-free, smooth surfaces make the fully washable product contact parts easy to clean.The unit is clamped together with an airlock system. This pneumatic lock gives an even and high clamping force across all sealing faces and therefore guards against powder leakage more effectively than band clamps or over-center toggle clamps found on traditional sieves.Assembly of the screener is achieved in seconds. You simply place the component parts into the base and locate them by twisting and locking the lid – no need for tools. The airclamp is then inflated to secure and seal the unit during operation. Also, to assist with FDA process approval, this pneumatic clamping system can be validated to provide a unique and measurable seal.The Compact Airlock Screener fits neatly into any part of the production process, providing considerable screening capacity with little headroom. Its innovative design means that the screener is less than half the height of a traditional sieving machine. It is ideal for check screening incoming ingredients on the primary side right through to finished powders on the secondary side of production facilities.The unit is available with a range of options, including; different materials of construction, different grades of finish, explosion proof motors, mesh deblinding systems and many more. Also available are documentation packages to simplify the validation process.