Psion Teklogix

Feb. 10, 2005
DIY Development Kit for RFID
A recently released RFID Development Kit from Psion Teklogix assists North American customers in deploying RFID technology into their operations. This flexible RFID solution is EPC-compliant to address the guidelines set out by Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense (DoD), though it can also be valuable for customers deploying non-EPC, closed-loop RFID systems. Compatible with EPC Class 0, 0+ and 1, the RFID Development Kit has been designed to adapt to evolving RFID technology and integrate into a customer's existing enterprise management software to maximize their RFID investment.The RFID Development Kit includes: four Psion Teklogix multi-protocol Mobile UHF RFID Readers, a fixed RFID Reader station for one dock door, Psion Teklogix EPC RFID Middleware, an RFID printer and encoder, as well as comprehensive professional services. These professional services include the project management, software development, hardware installation and technical consulting required to deliver a fully functional RFID-enabled system for one dock door and the four Mobile UHF RFID Readers. "The new RFID Development Kit takes a common sense approach to this rapidly changing market," said Rob Douglas, president, Psion Teklogix Americas. "Unlike some other solutions available today, the RFID Development Kit takes into account the current diversity of RFID standards and the EPC RFID Middleware ensures that we can serve heterogeneous RFID networks."The RFID Development Kit addresses common deployment challenges including the lack of a single interoperable standard, as well as RFID data management and integration with existing business systems. Given that there are no universal RFID tag standards in place as yet, Psion Teklogix has designed the RFID Development Kit to embrace the currently available EPC Class 0, 0+ and 1 protocols. Both the Mobile UHF RFID Reader and the Fixed Station Readers are flexible enough to integrate with the protocols chosen by customers.Psion Teklogix' EPC RFID Middleware is a web-based software solution that consists of three modules - Object Manager, Aggregation Manager and Portal Manager. These modules help customers collect, filter, and reconcile RFID data with other enterprise management systems. The Object Manager transmits information to external printers, managing serial number requirements and encoding RFID tags, allowing customers to save on outsourcing costs. The Aggregation Manager collects information associated with products that are loaded on to pallets within the warehouse. The Portal Manager monitors warehouse bays and portal readers and manages the settings for all RFID devices throughout a facility. This web-based solution is vendor-agnostic, allowing customers to use RFID devices developed by other manufacturers while still leveraging the Psion Teklogix RFID Development Kit in their environment.