Victor International Marketing, Inc. (U.S. distributor for Brevetti)

May 13, 2005
Machine Provides Particulate, Cosmetic Inspection of Liquid and Freeze-Dried Products
Brevetti designs and manufactures automatic vision equipment for parenteral products. The new Model K32 is an high speed automatic inspection machine for particle and cosmetic inspection of ampules, vials or cartridges, containing liquids, suspensions or freeze dried products. Special software enables the machine to discern between naturally occurring bubbles and fibers.For freeze-dried products, Brevetti uses LED diodes for illumination, so that the machine can achieve similar performance to machines that use halogen bulbs, but without generating the heat of those machines. Multiple reject trays allow separation of rejected containers according to pre-set categories and priorities. The operator sees on-screen “live” color images of inspected containers and any defects. One camera per board guarantees image acquisition and processing that’s real time, all the time, at throughputs up to 600 per minute.