BASCO Technologies, Inc.

June 7, 2005
Filler Provides Superior Precision, Accuracy
BASCO Technologies is unveiling what it claims to be the world’s most precise filler at Pack Expo Las Vegas, Booth #N-10519.Featuring an innovative drive control rotary piston pump, the stainless steel Dispensing Unit Type 533 reliably achieves fill accuracies of +/- 0.05 percent or better. The versatile Type 533 can be used as a benchtop filler or integrated into automatic filling systems for pharmaceutical and biotech applications.As a benchtop filler, the semi-automatic Dispensing Unit Type 533 handles up to 30 cpm and is ideal for clinical trials and laboratory testing. Compared to other benchtop fillers, the Type 533 offers reproducible performance that is ten times more accurate, according to BASCO.The Type 533 can be integrated into fully automatic production filling systems, either at the time the filler is manufactured by the OEM or later as a retrofit in the field, to produce higher outputs. This versatility enables companies with products in clinical trials to plan ahead for full production using the same filling technology.BASCO’s Dispensing Unit Type 533 handles liquid and semi-viscous products, accurately filling volumes from 10 microliters to 100 ml. Unlike conventional fillers that require the purchase of multiple pumps, the Type 533 can achieve a wide range of fill volumes with one pump due to the exceptional accuracy of the drive system.An operator can achieve a fill volume change in seconds by downloading pre-programmed product recipes. Product changes can be made in minutes, no tools required, with the use of dedicated pumps. Designed for ease of operation, the Type 533 offers several operation modes and a user-friendly interface.The Dispensing Unit Type 533 features a stainless steel housing that is washdown-safe. Single-piece, weld-free, stainless steel pumps ensure optimal hygienic performance.